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SQE Policy

Business Management System

SQE Policy Statement

Chiyoda International Corporation (CIC) fully recognizes that all activities must be performed in a responsible manner leading to “sustainable development” by balancing the advancement of humankind and conservation of global environment. CIC shall, through cooperation with our clients as well as other concerned companies, governmental authorities and communities endeavor to satisfy the requirements and needs of clients and society in general by means of the following Safety, Quality and Environmental (“SQE”) policy.

  1. Recognize that each individual person has duty and responsibility to promote SQE activities and enhance SQE awareness, knowledge and competence through continual education and training.
  2. Provide high quality Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management and Commissioning (EPCM+C) services which meet the requirements of clients and society related to Safety, Quality and Environmental management requirements by utilizing CIC’s technology and engineering capabilities.
  3. Minimize SQE risks, including injuries and occupational disease during the planning, design, procurement and construction and through the lifetime of a project, to a level As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) by identifying every potential hazard and implementing proper controls.
  4. Optimize the usage of natural resources and energy, reduce effluent and waste produced and recover usable material to achieve a low-carbon society through carbon management, including research and development of technologies to prevent or to resolve environmental problems; and transfer and spread such technologies globally.
  5. Comply with relevant SQE legislation and regulations, and with all other requirements to which CIC subscribes.
  6. Ensure the continual improvements of CIC management systems.
  7. CIC is a project-driven organization. CIC’s commitment to quality is to execute each project in a consistent and reliable manner following established CIC processes and procedures - doing it right the first time.

Each individual staff member shall follow the directives set forth in this policy.


We will be the most reliable Project Company in the world through SQE activities.